COVID-19 REsponse

*Here's an update from our leadership as of June 4, 2020

Regathering Plans


We have dearly missed being together with you these past months.  While we’re so grateful for the technology to provide online services, it’s no substitute for gathering together.  Please know that as we make these plans, your health; physical, mental, and Spiritual, are our top priorities.  While some churches have already begun regathering, we have taken a somewhat slow and cautious approach.  We want to best care for each of you, and our surrounding community.


We are watching all data closely and working hard to follow the guidelines and wisdom from those in leadership.  It’s important to know that while we’re making plans, it is God who ultimately is setting our course.  And while we are detailing plans below, we hold them loosely, knowing that we will change course if the Spirit leads and data shows it to be necessary. 


You will notice two sections below.  The first is our tentative plan for when we will regather.  The second is a more detailed plan of how we will do so as safely as possible.

Our Regathering Plans

  • 1.     We are continuing to monitor the latest information and will adjust plans if necessary.  But at this timewe plan to begin regathering June 14th for in-person Worship Services.
  • 2.     We will have nursery, and children's church available only during the second (11am) service.
  • 3.     When we regather, we will only be holding our Worship Service on Sunday Mornings.  There will be no discovery hour and no coffee bar for the time being.  Water fountains will also be turned off.  So please bring your own coffee and your own water bottles.
  • 4.     We will continue to have an online service available to everyone on Sunday Mornings. 
  • 5.     The only areas open to the Church will be the foyer, the worship center, restrooms, nursery/children's church (11am service only) and the cry-room (Sr. High Youth room).
  • 6.     Weather permitting, we would ask that your casual conversations take place outdoors, prior to, and after the worship service.

Our Safety Plans

  • 1.     For those exhibiting any signs of sickness, who may have been exposed to COVID, are considered “higher risk” or those who are not yet comfortable gathering, please remain home and continue to join us for our online services.  
  • 2.     Sundays will look different – We have removed nearly 50% of our seating capacity in our worship center to allow for social distancing.  Because of this, we will have two services when we return in order to minimize risks and provide a safer gathering space.  
  • 3.     Our first service will begin at 9:30am, and our second will be at 11:00am.  There will be 30 minutes between services during which we will clean.
  • 4.     All common areas will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to each service.  Because of this, we ask that you not enter the Church until 15 min prior to your service, and then exit after it’s over.  Weather permitting, you can gather and converse outside for as long as you’d like.
  • 5.     We strongly recommend that all adults wear masks during their time inside the church building.  While there is conflicting data on their necessity, we’re asking adults to do this in line with best practices, and as a courtesy to others.
  • 6.     If you have your own mask, please wear it.  If not, limited masks will be available for use.
  • 7.     To reduce over-crowding, there will be separate entrances and exits.  Everyone will enter through the main front doors and will exit through the Northeast sanctuary doors.  These will be clearly marked when you arrive.  Please do not enter through other doors.
  • 8.     We will work to keep things as ‘touch free’ as possible for you.  Greeters will work to open entry and exit doors for you.
  • 9.     There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the building.  Please use as necessary.
  • 10.  We will not pass offering bags during the service.  There will be a place to leave your tithe as you exit the worship center.
  • 11.  Our services will be somewhat shorter than normal, as best practices show limiting time inside confined spaces reduces risk.
  • 12.  While it’s repetitive, we want to stress that we will continue our online services.  No one should feel compelled, pressured, or otherwise obligated to attend our physical gatherings if they have concerns about themselves, their families, and their friends.  We will still “Be the Church”, even outside our walls, and you’re more than welcome to join us online, from the safety of your own home.

We love each of you dearly.  And while we want to see each of your faces as soon as possible, we know that isn’t prudent for all of us.  Please feel no pressure to regather until you feel it’s safe to do so.  Please contact Pastor Jeremy or Ron Hulshizer with questions or concerns.


Thank you for your patience as we work to safely regather and worship our Great and Good God together again!




Jeremy Jordan                                                                                     Ron Hulshizer

Lead Pastor                                                                                         Chairman, Deacon Board


*We will continue to provide an online service to all those that would like to join us from their homes on Sunday Morning.  

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